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        WE PROVIDE DEEPHOLE DRILLING SOLUTIONS:Job-shop + Machines + Tools

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        K series-Deep Hole Drilling Machine/

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        deep hole drilling machine fuel injection parts

        ◆Hole Size Range:φ1.5-6mm/φ4-16

        ◆machining:fuel injection parts

        ◆Max Hole Depth:300m/500mm

        ◆Number of spindle:1\2\4

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          The deep hole drilling  machine is a special machine for fuel injection parts. CNC system is SIMMES 828D, 4 components can be drilled at the same time. The components are sent to operate area by auto loading and unloading system and will be sent out from back side of the machine. The components should be put on the move-in conveyer manually and remove from the conveyer manually after drilled. The cycle time is 28 seconds. This machine is an excellent high speed machine.


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